Other operations

  • How do I join a Chatbot?

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    After receiving the card, contacts for messenger will be sent via appropriate SMS. You record those contacts on your mobile phone and join the chatbot. Depending on Messenger, you can use the service after answering the questions you have been asked for verification purposes.

  • How can I get information on availiable business lounges on program Lounge Key?

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    You can learn about the Business lounges available under this program by visiting the site, as well as by downloading the Lounge Key mobile application.

  • How to do cash-in operation with the Miles&Smiles card?

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    You can do cash-in operation with the Miles&Smiles card at the Bank's branches, PASHA Bank and Capital Bank's Cash terminals, National Bank, Internet Bank, 3D Payment, Money transfer and Mobile App.

  • Can I increase the status of the card?

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    Status miles and bonus miles are different concepts. Status miles are granted differently depending on the membership level. You can use the link for more information.

  • Purchasing miles, exchange, transfer and about all other operations related to miles

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  • Is it possible to benefit from several existing campaigns at the same time?

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    During the first card order, it is not possible to benefit simultaneously from the several existing campaigns offered within PASHA Bank Miles&Smiles product. Please refer to the campaign terms for more details.

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