Travel Insurance

  • What countries does insurance coverage is applied to?

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    Coverage is provided to you anywhere in the world for all trips, the duration of each trip being not more than 60 consecutive days. If your trip exceeds 60 days in a row, coverage will not be provided for any part of the trip. The maximum validity of insurance coverage is 183 days outside the country of residence for any 12-month period. Trips must begin and end in your country of residence. One-way ticket rides are not covered. Any trip within your country of residence is covered only if you travel for the distance more than 100 km from your home and if you have previously booked your stay at a hotel, motel, holiday home, mini-hotel, recreation center and other similar paid accommodation , lasting at least two days.

  • Is insurance coverage valid in case if the ticket is not paid or partially paid by the World Elite card?

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    Insurance coverage is valid if all expenses are fully incurred by the insured card.

  • Since when does the insurance cover is being applied in case if the ticket is purchased several months in advance?

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    The insurance coverage is being applied starting from 1 day of travel, while the trip should not exceed 60 days.

  • Will the insurance be valid in case if the cardholder is not near family members at the time of the insured event?

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    The insurance cover is valid if family members travel with the cardholder.

  • Will the insurance be valid in case if the cardholder does not have a card on hand at the time of the insured event?

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    A card is optional if the conditions for providing insurance coverage are met.

  • Is baggage loss included to the insurance coverage?

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    A detailed description of this risk is presented on page 23 of the insurance conditions.

  • What number should I contact the insurance company in case if insured event occurs?

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    +90 212 922 04 25

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