Entrance to Lounge Key halls

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Entrance to Lounge Key halls

Get free and unlimited access to business halls!

“Miles&Smiles” cardholders will get free access to over 1100 “Lounge Key” business lounges in 450 cities:
• “Platinum”: 2 times a year;
• “Black”: 10 times a year;
• “Elite”: Unlimited.

“Miles&Smiles” cardholders can visit the website before the journey, they must find out if there is a “Lounge Key” waiting area at the airport of the destination city, as well as the appearance of the lounge and the services it offers.

There is no need to pre-register to use the business lounges, however, if you wish to track your access, you can do so at
If you have additional visitors attending, they can enter the “Lounge Key” halls for an extra 32 USD for Visa and 30 USD for Mastercard. When entering “Lounge Key” halls in Azerbaijan, a 28% tax is imposed.

The benefit of free and unlimited access is only available to the cardholder.
Note: To benefit the Lounge Key service, Miles&Smiles PASHA Bank cardholders are required to insert their cards into the ATM and complete any transaction.

To use the service, “Visa Platinum” card holders must pay a total amount of AZN 100 within the last 35 days via smartphone or smart watch. Please note that every payment made is confirmed within 5 days.

Example: You have planned a trip on July 25. You have already paid a total of 70 AZN by July 15. At this time, you should pay an additional AZN 30 until July 20. Because every payment made is confirmed within 5 days.

Note: The card must be active when you enter the hall. The card will be charged USD 1 and will be refunded immediately to verify card activity.


Frequently asked questions about “Lounge Key”:

How to find a ”Lounge Key” lounge?
Airports have indications with the logo of “Lounge Key” business lounges. Additionally, information regarding the location of the halls can be obtained at the website or via mobile application:

Install the “Lounge Key” mobile app right now:
for Android:
for iOS:
Visit this website:

What services are available in “Lounge Key” business lounges?
Comfortable waiting areas, Internet (Wi-Fi) access, TV, drinks and snacks, flight information monitor, shower, air conditioner.
Airport business lounge services may differ. The list of airport services you require can be found at the program's website or via mobile application.

Is there a specific card required to enter the “Lounge Key” business lounge?
No. Your “Miles&Smiles PASHA Bank” card, boarding pass, and identity document are sufficient. You must inform the lounge staff that you are a "Lounge Key" member when you enter. The name on the card, boarding pass, and ID document must all be the same. If the cardholder's card is active and free visits are available, business halls can be visited free of charge.

Can a non-cardholder enter the “Lounge Key” business lounge?
Only when accompanied by the cardholder. The cardholder must also be present at this time.

Do free visits apply to accompanying persons?
No, only to the cardholder. To visit the “Lounge Key” business lounge, accompanying persons must pay USD 32 per person for a Visa Platinum card and USD 30 for a Mastercard card.

How many guests can I bring?
On average, 4-6 persons. The number of guests is regulated by the rules of each hall.

Is it necessary to pay for children in the Lounge Key business lounge?
Most business halls offer free admission to children aged 2-4 years.

How can I find out how many free visits I have?
After registering on the website or via mobile application, you can view the visit history of business lounges.

This benefit is not for “Mastercard Black Preferred” business card.

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