Entrance to Lounge Key

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Entrance to Lounge Key

Get free and unlimited access to business halls!

PASHA Bank Miles&Smiles Platinum cardholders have free and unlimited access to Lounge Key business halls twice a year, while Miles&Smiles MasterCard cardholders free and unlimited access during the campaign.

Prior to the trip, Miles&Smiles cardholders can visit to see if there is a Lounge Key waiting room at the airport of the city they are traveling to, what the hall looks like and the services it provides.

You do not need to register in advance to enter the business lounges, but if you want to follow the entries, you can register at

Your guests can enter the Lounge Key by paying 32 USD when they have a Visa card and 30 USD when they have a Mastercard. In Azerbaijan, an additional 28% tax is levied on access to Lounge Key.

The advantage of free and unlimited access applies only to the cardholder.

Your key to new journeys!

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