Supplementary cards

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Supplementary cards

Get a supplementary card for your family, earn more miles together!

With supplementary PASHA Bank Miles&Smiles cards, you can get miles cards for your friends and family members at a cheaper price. Although the price starts from only 60 AZN, the supplementary card has many advantages, just like the main card. This includes access to “Lounge Key” business halls, free concierge and SMS notification services, same cash limits and other features.

Miles earned through PASHA Bank Miles&Smiles main and supplemetary cards will be credited to one account. Thus, you may collect more miles together and get a free ticket to travel wherever you want much faster!

Supplementary PASHA Bank Miles & Smiles Visa Platinum card - 60 AZN
Supplementary PASHA Bank Miles & Smiles Black Edition card - 150 AZN
Supplementary PASHA Bank Miles & Smiles World Elite card - 400 AZN

You can order supplementary cards with free delivery by logging into your personal cabinet.

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