Spending miles

  • How to spend miles?

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    Miles can be spent through appropriate channels with accordance to the rules provided by Turkish Airlines.

  • What Airline company's bonus ticket can be achieved?

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    You can get a Bonus ticket for Turkish Airlines flights.

  • How can I register a bonus ticket?

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    You can register your bonus ticket in the Turkish Airline's Personal Cabinet or Mobile App.

  • Can I pay the full price for a flight ticket in miles?

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    The airport costs must be paid by the customer.

  • Is it possible to send miles to another Miles card?

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    No, it is not possible to transfer the miles to another card.

  • Can I buy a bonus ticket in the name of another person?

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    To confirm your membership, you must purchase the first ticket in your own name only. You will then be able to buy bonus tickets for other people.

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