Earning the miles

  • How to earn miles?

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    As a member of the Miles&Smiles program, you can earn miles on flights from Turkish Airlines and other Star Alliance members by making non-cash payments in a daily routine.

  • Where can I get the information about the miles that I earned?

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    You can track your miles' balance in the following ways:
    • Contacting the Bank's Call Center
    • Information about each transaction will be sent via SMS
    • To check your miles' balance you can also access your personal page on the Turkish Airlines website or use THY Mobile app.

  • How do I get "Welcome" miles?

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    Miles&Smiles cardholders can earn extra miles. For this, it is enough to make a minimum of 5,000 AZN non-cash payment within the first 3 months since Miles&Smiles card activation.
    Miles&Smiles Elite cardholders can earn more miles. An additional 3,000 AZN non-cash payment will make you able to earn an extra 5,000 miles.

  • How fast the Miles are credited to my account after purchase?

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    Depending on the payment, you will be able to see the relevant miles in your account in a few minutes up to 30 days after transaction. Reflection of accrued bills on your account is made by the Bank for processing transactions.
    If you have additional questions you can contact the Bank's Call Center *9123.

  • Miles haven't appeared in my account after cashless payment. What should I do?

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    Miles that have not been automatically credited may be credited to the cardholder's account within three months from the date on which the use of the relevant service ends.
    Miles will not be credited for canceled orders. In case of any delay, please contact *9123.

  • Which operations does not make me able to earn miles?

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    There are exceptional operations that does not make you able to earn miles. Relevant exceptions have been mentioned in the miles' calculation instruction.

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